About This Guy

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What is ExpressionatelyYours?

Expressionately Yours, is created out of 3 core Values:

- Expression,
- Passion,
- Sincerity.

The rest is creation.

The Back Story

Not too long ago, right on this tiny planet, among the seas of stars that has gone timeless by human measurement, an ordinary guy started to like making pictures.

Could it be borne of a desire to tell stories that he could not when he was younger?

Could it be to express certain ideas that only he saw?

Could it be to express what he saw of the human condition?

Was he trying to come up with another bombastic statement?

Was it because he was trying really too hard to be a deep person when he really wasn't?

Only he knows...

...but till now, he's still out there somewhere, making pictures, writing ideas, finding better ways to let people express what they really needed to communicate from inside out.

...or maybe he's just really digging his nose and reading manga...

In the grand scheme of things, maybe none of what he did really mattered. But did that matter?

"All that matters is, if you truly expressed your life to the fullest!"

What's Your Story?

You have a story too, in fact, we all do. If you have something squirming inside that you wish to let out, maybe about yourself, or you got something to say to someone you really care about, drop me a line. As long as it's not an Alien, I'd be glad to help you get it out...